Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Th' Mole presents a free event for nice people only: ADVENTURE CAMP!  3 days & nights of camping, arts, crafts, games, music, contests, costumes, theatre, film, music, dancing, swimming & more in the pristine wilderness (just outside of Nevada City, California).


A live re-enactment of an episode of ALF!

Costume Roulette : Bring a costume for somebody else to wear & let fate choose one for you!

Lazer Tag!        

Giant Pick-Up Sticks!        

Giant Twister!

Kite-Making Workshop!

Agar Agar-Eating Contest!

Film: The Troll Hunter, musically & aromatically scored live by Heartworm & DJ 0.000001!

Devastating DJ’s: Tang Li Wheebs, Electroass & more!

Lake Armada: Bring floatation devices for a trip to the lake where we will tie them together, forming a huge floating island where we will hang out, swim & stuff!

Swimming at the river, including Synchronized Swimming Competition: Choose your music & partner in advance to present a short routine to be judged & awarded!

Baby Race 2.0: Last year they raced on hands & feet; this year the babies face off on wheels!

Decorate-The-Dude 2.0: Last year’s group sculpting activity is back and supersized!

Fashion Show 2.0: Last year‘s impromptu paper hat fashion show was so amazing we’re doing it again, but this time it‘s not just hats!

Dance-Off: Choose a song, get it to Th’ Mole beforehand, & compete in a righteous dance showdown!

Paper Boat Wars: a way cool craft activity & game that Th’ Mole made up!

Egg Hunt!

Human Centipede Race!

Even more!!  

(If you have some ideas for other activities let Th' Mole know.)

BYO food & drink * Plenty of tent space * Limited BBQ, kitchen & bathroom access * No fires * Only good dogs * Kids welcome * Please depart by Monday afternoon * Donations welcome

Directions: jonah.thmole@gmail.com / facebook.com/thmole