Tuesday, August 31, 2010

u so missed out

it's 7pm on monday. the last couple guests from my house party, which began friday evening, just left. it was so cool. the purpose of this blog is just to make everybody who flaked and didn't come feel stupid.

we had:

-tang li wheebs
-heartworm (incl. a set w/ dj 0.000001)
-heath (incl. music for the dating game and musical chairs)
-666gangstaz/dj crackhouse (incl. a jungle/forest ambience set w/ dj 0.000001)
-the 486 kid
-dungeon master's guide to the mighty labyrinth quest (awesome interactive show in which the audience makes choices, rolls a giant 20-sided die, and basically plays d&d while don plays guitar and sings about your battles against orcs and such. hilarious.)
a baby race. there is video of it.

the dating game... a recreation of the tv gameshow, starring jeff/fishstix as featured bachelor, and alea angelique as featured bachelorette. the male contestants were sean logan, carter & spiro. female contestants: donna wood, gayatri, qriosity, dj: heath. some video of that..

"ask a cripple" q&a ft. heartworm
paper hat making workshop
paper hat fashion show
musical chairs ft. heath
paper airplane workshop
sock puppet workshop
sock puppet (MIDI) karaoke
make-a-mutant workshop
"decorate the dude" group art project
Manga and Zuchini
stencil/patch-making station
"make yer own tv show" group art project
super good food from marin n qriosity
barbecue by fishstix
pancakes by sugarbunni
blackberry picking
blackberry pie by adriana and (cami?)
sauerkraut by elizabeth
produce from trinity's garden
comedy video showcase
camping in pristine nature

and it was free -eff burning man - my party is bester!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Magical Bass Episode #7: The Death Of DJ 0.000001

listen to the final frenzied moments leading up to the violent murder of dj 0.0000001 in magical bass episode #7. not for the squeamish.

Magical Bass - Episode #7: The Death Of DJ 0.000001 by magicalbass

Sunday, August 22, 2010

DJ 0.000001 IS DEAD!!??

that's right folks. in the upcoming episode of magical bass you will witness the tumultuous and tortured final moments of dj 0.000001's life, ending with his murder, caught live on tape. dj 0.000001 is dead, long live the the dj 0.000001. stay tuned...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

i'm updating my blog

like a good blogger should. in mole/dj 0.000001 news, there is um.. big things happening. all is well - don't worry. bye bye!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Circa 2000, Th' Mole Jr!

do you want to hear what my music sounded like 10 years ago? of course you do! well i just listened to these songs (from the debut Mole album, Communion) last night and i think they're sort of entertaining at least. see what you think. anyway they're free so don't complain! DOWNLOAD HERE: http://dalycityrecords.com/the_mole/Mole_Mole_Jr.zip"

tracklist and descriptions:
1. John Ratliff (MSP)
this is a really cool song, i think, cause i didn't write it. i abridged these lyrics from a photocopied sheet of paper which was placed under our doorway when i lived in san francisco. i just barely saw the dude put it there and run off. i think it's a pretty awesome piece of writing - hopefully i have the original somewhere... well actually i just looked for it and didn't find it, but i did find the original cover art for this cd, which i will scan and upload now...

the photos in the cover are supposed to tell a little story... i'm standing there like a retard, minding my own business, and then this dude comes up and attacks me, but i miraculously manage to wound my adversary and escape! (taken from a friend's photo essay project for school.)

2. beans ft. s. winter fifield.
this song is about the idea that nature may contain magical secrets which can be discovered given the right combination of elements. vocals by me and sage fifield (aka s. winter fifield) i like the grocery store skit in the middle of the song.
3. sorry, little guy
kinda sad song - this pretty much sums up my view of the world when i'm in a bad mood.
4. the pot chronicles, chapter 1
self-explanatory song. still haven't made chapter 2...
5. experience (a sight-seer's folly)
weird song... i originally recorded this song as a made-up persona - some guy who lives in the forest, burrowing like an animal, freaking out at some humans who have had the misfortune of treading on his property. the original recording was meant to sound like it was made on a moldy tape recorder with all the music being made by broken instruments and stuff found in dumpsters. i guess that's lost now. the production in this later version sounds like i was heavily influenced by aphex twin and tricky i would say. why am i telling you this? why are you reading this? get a freaking life man! anyway, i used to like to perform this song live and freak out the audience by getting up in their faces and yelling the words. good fun!
6. the bucket, pt. 1 ft. s. winter fifield
this song was originally a 2-part song - the first part being a glass-is-half-empty sort of theme and the second being the opposite. in retrospect, i like part 1 better, and i think it stands on its own. s winter fifield's lyrics tell the story of a man who fakes his death in order to profit, but when his wife finds out the truth she kills him for reals.
7. the hitcher
this has very corny lyrics, vocals and music - but maybe you will get some enjoyment from it anyway.
8. access code: child's trust
mole trivia: i later re-used the title of this song in my song "technobotany". i don't know what the heck this song is really saying - they lyrics are kind of hard for me to figure out at this point, but at the time i remember thinking it was a very deep song. it sounds like i was doing a lot of plagiarizing from a dictionary for this.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

what should i blog about?

maybe this blog was a bad idea... i don't know what to blog about anymore.. what do you want to see on this blog?

finger monkeys?

i wish we could have finger monkeys where i live. can't we import some and just let em free in the woods? they're awesome. maybe the winters here would be sort of harsh for them, but we could just give them little snow suits and cross-country skis - that would be super cute! FINGER MONKEYS FOR AMERICA!!

i want to see youtube videos of finger monkeys - let me see if i can find some..

wait a minute here... why are there no videos of finger monkeys? do they even exist? are all these finger monkey photos just photoshopped? WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?

this is sad... i think i may have been misled about the existence of finger monkeys... cause it appears that this monkey is in fact the smallest monkey..

but it's not even that small - it's probably not even adult. what the heck, man? i had high hopes to someday have my own finger monkey. actually i had an idea for a sweet reality show called finger monkey island - it would have been awesome. fuck!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Asa-Chang & Junray

here is an illegal link to download the newest album from one of my favorite artists whose music is nearly impossible to find in this country. you can buy this cd online for $30-75. i can't find anywhere to buy mp3's.

Asa-Chang & Junray: Kage No Nai Hito

oh yeah - this folder also includes an older album, Jun Ray Song Chang.
i will post all sorts of new and old stuff in this blog. stuff that's related to me and stuff that's not. here's a few dumb videos... the first two i made myself..

umm.... and here is one more video that i didn't make:

(i love you, angry redhead boy)

oh yeah - i will introduce myself here.  i am Th' Mole, AKA DJ 0.000001 (One-millionth - host of the Magical Bass internet radio show), AKA Captain Daydream.  here is my official web site: dalycityrecords.com/thmole if you want to, you can email me at jonah.thmole[AT]gmail


after some deep contemplation (and a wild peyote trip - thanks Running Coyote!) i've renewed my faith in humanity and decided to resurrect the blog after all. heck, i figure, even if most of what i present is far too intellectual for the readers to grasp, at least my attempt at interacting with people is better than the alternative (slow suicide via alcohol and donuts). anyway, welcome to Magical Bass blog 2.o. better than ever, back with an attitude, mister!

in celebration, finally here is some actual content - Outkast "The Whole World (DJ 0.000001 Remix)" (as featured on the latest edition of Magical Bass - the radio show, not the blog).

and i'm even gonna give you another one, cause i'm feeling generous today. this is my remix of lil jon's "outta your mind" (ft. lmfao)

Lil Jon ft. LMFAO - Outta Your Mind (DJ 0.000001 Remix) by magicalbass

Magical Bass Episode #6
Magical Bass – Episode #6
01. DJ 0.000001 ft. Lil Jon & Fred Wesley – Magical Bass Theme #5
02. Lil Jon ft. LMFAO – Outta Your Mind (DJ 0.000001 Remix)
03. The Fly Girlz – Fly Girlz (DJ 0.000001 Remix)
04. Myn Dwun – Prelude In M (DJ 0.000001 Remix)
05. DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – Girls Ain’t Nothing But Trouble (DJ 0.000001 Remix)
06. Killer Queens – Bitches (South Rakkas Crew Remix) (DJ 0.000001 Remix)
07. Tim & Eric – I Sit Down When I Pee (DJ 0.000001 Edit)
08. The Ranger$ – Pin Drop (DJ 0.000001 Remix ft. Foxdye)
09. Ol’ Dirty Bastard ft. Macy Gray – Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart (DJ 0.000001 Remix)
10. Outkast – The Whole World (DJ 0.000001 Remix)

The complete Magical Bass episodes are available at brooklynradio.net/magicalbass but you can find more exclusive DJ 0.000001 tracks at soundcloud.com/magicalbass. Also, you can stream/download and subscribe to the Magical Bass podcast here.

Past episodes:
Magical Bass – Episode #5: The Case of the Missing Magic
01. DJ 0.000001 – Intro
02. Danny Elfman – Shrunken Heads Main Title (DJ 0.000001 Remix ft. Stacs of Stamina & DJ Sharpsound)
03. Th’ Mole – How 2 B Cool
04. Stacs of Stamina – Poisson Screwed (DJ 0.000001 Remix ft. DJ Sharpsound & Chromeo)
05. J-Kwon – Tipsy (Instrumental) (DJ 0.000001 Remix ft. Techno Animal)
06. Terms None – Terror Alert Orange (DJ 0.000001 Remix ft. J-Kwon & Lamb)
07. Killjoy – Britney Stole My Crackpipe (DJ 0.000001 Remix ft. 666Gangstaz & La Caution)
08. Drop The Lime – Bricks (DJ 0.000001 Remix ft. Kylesa & Serge Gainsbourg)
09. Th’ Mole – I Hate You
10. Mindless Self Indulgence – Straight To Video (DJ 0.000001 Remix ft. Math Head, Kylesa & DJ Scud)
11. Danny Elfman – Beetlejuice The Animated Series Main Title (DJ 0.000001 Remix ft. Beginner)
12. Dead Prez – It’s Bigger Than Hip-Hop (DJ 0.000001 Remix ft. Coldcut, Sebastian & Rush)
13. Rush – Tom Sawyer (DJ 0.000001 Remix ft. Skream & Too $hort)
14. Th’ Mole – Don’t Be Sad, Nothing Matters

Magical Bass – Episode #4
01. DJ 0.000001 ft. Gunjack – Magical Bass Theme #4
02. Dirty Money ft. Rick Ross & Nicky Minaj – Hello Good Morning (DJ 0.000001 Remix)
03. Kilo – Pop Dat Tattoo Instrumental (DJ 0.000001 Remix)
04. Pen Mamba – Peanut Butter Jelly Time Remix (DJ 0.000001 Remix)
05. Kid Sister – Switch Board (DJ 0.000001 Remix ft. Venetian Snares)
06. Rokhausen – Very Badman (DJ 0.000001 Remix)
07. Rappy McRapperson ft. Lil Nasty – Speedos & An Abraham Lincoln Hat (DJ 0.000001 Remix)
08. Th’ Mole – Untitled, Unreleased Instrumental
09. Th’ Mole – Tick Tick Blam
10. Th’ Mole – I Luv Unicorns (Robot Koch Remix) (DJ 0.000001 Edit)

Magical Bass – Episode #3
01. DJ 0.000001 ft. Gumar & His Magical MIDI Band “Magical Bass Theme #3″
02. Coolio “Fantastic Voyage (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
03. Samples “Digitalis (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
04. DJ 0.000001 “Benga vs. Andrew WK & Wing – From The Moon”
05. Bizzy Bone “Try Hustle Me (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
06. Uffie “Difficult (DJ 0.000001 Edit)”
07. Puppetmastaz “Animals (DJ 0.000001 Edit)”
08. Devo “Whip It (Mochipet Remix) (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
09. A-Trak ft. Soulja Boy “Trizzy Turnt Up (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
10. DJ 0.000001 “Untitled/Unknown Remix (2003)”
11. Id Obelus “Unlucky (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
12. DJ 0.000001 “Inaudible vs. Th’ Mole – Go Horsie”
13. Teddybears ft. Redfox “Get Fresh With You (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
14. Tech N9ne “Stamina/Hunterish (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
15. The Flying Skulls “The Dope Trade (Bradd Bitt Remix) (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
16. Eazy-E “24 Hours To Live (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
17. Limonious “Swedish Pommak (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
18. Sissy Nobby “Snake (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
19. Dub Gabriel ft. Yo! Majesty & Other Weapons “Pony Girl (DJ 0.000001 Edit)”
20. DJ 0.000001 “Bonus Beats”

Magical Bass – Episode #2
01. DJ 0.000001 ft. DJ Shadow “Magical Bass Theme #2″
02. Red The Man Without The Machine “I Should Tell Ya Mama On Ya (Chops Remix) (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
03. Infesticons “Bombs Anthem (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
04. Keke Palmer “Superjerkin’ (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
05. Freddy Todd “Blowin’ Good (Mochipet Remix) (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
06. NWA “Dopeman (HavocNDeed Tempo Change Maddness Mix) (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
07. Glitch Mob “How To Be Eaten By A Woman (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
08. Too $hort “Nobody Does It Better (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
09. Wormhole & Sapience “Mystic Flute (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
10. Missy Moni (Kid Whatever vs. Missy Elliot) “Crazy About It (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
11. Birk Storm “I Don’t Care (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
12. Flame ft. KJ Hines “Shake Twerk Wobble Instrumental”
13. Killer Queens “Bitches (South Rakkas Crew Remix)”
14. Skin & Bones “Crank Dat Bin Laden (DJ Weekend’s Mordocop Remix)”
15. Splatinum “Pierce The Air (Remix of Sleepy Eyes Of Death) (DJ 0.000001 Edit)”
16. Gorillaz “Superfast Jellyfish (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
17. Naked Slice “What It Sounds Like (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
18. A-Trak ft. Pill “Vampires Goin’ Ham (DJ 0.000001 Edit)”

Magical Bass – Episode #1
01. Das Racist “Who’s That? Broooown! (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
02. Deceptikon ft. Mochipet “Master P On Chords & Coffee (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
03. Yo! Majesty “Night Riders (DJ 0.000001 Edit)”
04. MaxNormal.tv “Angel Claw (DJ 0.000001 Edit)”
05. EPROM “Shoplifter (DJ 0.000001 Edit)”
06. DJ 0.000001 ft. R. Kelly & Jeremih “Earth Day Sex”
07. Larry Tee “Clap That Ass (DJ 0.000001 Edit)”
08. DJ 0.000001 “We All Fall Down (Instrumental)”
09. MC Cullah “Rocket Into The Future (DJ 0.000001 Remaster & Edit)”
10. The Flying Skulls vs. Spankrock “Club Killer (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
11. Rokhausen “Chickenhed Dub (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
12. Rokhausen “Cafeteria Sex (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
13. Ddamage “Sign My Name ft. Tes (DJ 0.000001 Edit)”
14. DJ 0.000001 “Start Rapping Here”
15. Tech N9ne “Show Me A God (DJ 0.000001 Edit)”
16. Noah 23 “This A Way That A Way (DJ 0.000001 Extended Mix)”
17. Filastine “Hungry Ghosts (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”
18. Jamie Foxx “Straight To The Dance Floor (DJ 0.000001 Chipped Up Remix)”
19. ill.gates ft. Mochipet “Robot Dunk Juice (DJ 0.000001 Edit)”
20. Rainbow Arabia “Harlem Sunrise (DJ 0.0000001 Extended Edit)”
21. DJ Steve Porter ft. Kat Williams “Weed Remix (DJ 0.000001 Edit)”
22. DJ 0.000001 ft. Oskar Ohlson “Magical Bass Theme"

Poll: should i quit this blog?

i really feel like people don't care about this blog and i think i should probably just quit it. i've put a lot of energy into it but i don't feel like it's being reciprocated. so i'm taking a poll. who thinks that i should quit the blog? and who thinks that i should continue it?

yes, i know i've only been operating this blog for about half an hour now, but time is relative, and time is expanding, and technology is growing at an exponential rate, so i can't afford to wait around for you idiots to figure out that this is the only blog you need to ever read ever again in your life. when it comes down to it, i have very little hope in the human race, i doubt that even a fraction of you idiots can truly appreciate the magicality of my bass. to be honest, i simply hate everyone, so fuck you all. i actually don't need to take a poll. i quit this blog, for once and for all. goodbye, losers.

this is my blog!

yeehawwwwww!!!! welcome to the magical bass blog, where i post all sorts of things that you need to look at. it's fun, it's awesome, it's what you've been missing. subscribe today - tell your friends, your neighbors, your parents. even your estranged spouse. it could be a good ice breaker. say for example "hey madeline, i know it's been a few years since i left with our mobile home while you and the kids were in the hospital with malaria.. but have you checked out magical bass - i think you would dig it!" works like a charm every time.

but seriously, no more joking. this blog is going to be professional and serious and all-around top-notch! All perfect spelling, grammer and pronunkiation will be produceD. also, celebrities will be featured. also, you will receive bonus points for reading this. and better eyesight, resistance to bee stings, and growth in finger.

to celebrate the very first post on magical bass, i present to you this very special presentation=

my "text-image" of abraham lincoln, done on august 9, 2010.

a k
1 ____ 1