Thursday, October 21, 2010


Holy crap, have we got a great episode of Magical Bass for you guys this time. We're giving you 100 minutes of pure psychedelic robo-rap, featuring guest appearances by BIZZY BONE, OLIVER NORTH & MACHO MAN RANDY SAVAGE! In reverence of the passing of our dear demigod DJ 0.000001 last month, we're showcasing a glorious selection of his work, meanwhile welcoming the new host of Magical Bass, Th' Mole! (Also, be sure to stick around for the surprise twist ending!)

Magical Bass - Episode #8
01. Th' Mole - Magical Bass Theme #6
02. Red The Man Without The Machine - I Should Tell Ya Mama (Chops Remix) (DJ 0.000001 Remix)
03. Das Racist - Who's That? (Broooown!) (DJ 0.000001 Remix)
04. Soulja Boy - Snap & Roll (DJ 0.000001 Remix)
05. DJ 0.000001 - We All Fall Down
06. DJ 0.000001 ft. R. Kelly & Jeremih - Earth Day Sex
07. Rokhausen - Cafeteria Sex (DJ 0.000001 Remix)
08. DJ 0.000001 ft. ODB & Matty G - Ooh Baby I Like It Hard
09. Keke Palmer - Superjerkin' (DJ 0.000001 Remix)
10. Freddy Todd - Blowin' Good (Mochipet Remix) (DJ 0.000001 Remix)
11. DJ 0.000001 - Inaudible Vs. Th' Mole - Go Horsie
12. E-40 - I'm On One (DJ 0.000001 Remix)
13. Chris Brown ft. Drake & Swizz Beats - I Can Transform Ya (DJ 0.000001 Remix)
14. Tech N9ne - Stamina/Hunterish (DJ 0.000001 Remix)
15. A-Trak ft. Soulja Boy - Trizzy Turnt Up (DJ 0.000001 Remix)
16. Devo - Whip It (Mochipet Remix) (DJ 0.000001 Remix)
17. Bizzy Bone - Try Hustle Me (DJ 0.000001 Remix) (Th' Mole Remix)
18. Coolio - Fantastic Voyage (DJ 0.000001 Remix)
19. Incredible Bongo Band - Apache (DJ 0.000001 Remix)
20. DJ 0.000001 ft. Johnny Cage & The Voodoo Groove - Down In A Hole (Nobody Fucks W/ Jesus)
21. Sissy Nobby - Snake (DJ 0.000001 Remix)
22. Kid Sister - Switch Board (DJ 0.000001 Remix ft. Venetian Snares) (Remaster)
23. Rappy McRapperson ft. Lil Nasty - Speedos & An Abraham Lincoln Hat (DJ 0.000001 Remix)
24. Pen Mamba - Peanut Butter Jelly Time Remix (DJ 0.000001 Remix) (Remaster)
25. Th' Mole - Bouncy Ball (DJ 0.000001 Remix)
26. Lil Jon ft. LMFAO - Outta Your Mind (DJ 0.000001 Remix)
27. Joe Hunt - Every Freakin Night (666Gangstaz Remix) (DJ 0.000001 Remix)
28. Dirty Money ft. Rick Ross & Nicky Minaj - Hello Good Morning (DJ 0.000001 Remix)
29. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - 1st Of Tha Month (DJ 0.000001 Remix)
30. DJ Assault - Ass N Titties (DJ 0.000001 Remix)
31. Ol' Dirty Bastard ft. Macy Gray - Don't Go Breakin' My Heart (DJ 0.000001 Remix)
32. Outkast - The Whole World (DJ 0.000001 Remix)
33. DJ 0.000001 ft. Oskar Ohlson - Magical Bass Theme #1

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

DJ 0.000001 from beyond the grave...

While we're busy readying the new 100-minute long episode of Magical Bass, w/ your new host, me - Th' Mole, here's something to tide you over.  I know you all simply can't function without your regular dose of Magical Bass.  I found this track in DJ 0.000001's laptop.  Apparently he decided this wasn't worth releasing, but I figure he can't be too embarrassed of it, since he's dead and all.  RIP.

DJ 0.000001 - Andy Daly Vs. Rappy McRapperson by magicalbass

This track features music by Rappy McRapperson, overlaid with a comedy routine by Andrew Daly, who also plays Terrence Cutler on Eastbound & Down - a hilarious show that I recommend to all.