Sunday, February 27, 2011


March 2: Paris, FR @ 21 Soundbar - 20, rue de la Forge Royale, 75011 (Th' Mole, Racecar, etc.)
March 3: Den Haag, NL @ Devinger - Bagijnestraat 25 2511 CK (Th' Mole, Foxdye, DJ 0.000001, etc.)
March 5: Grenoble, FR @ L'Ampérage - 163 cours Berriat 38000 (Foxdye, Musact, etc.)
March 10: Toulouse, FR @ The Petit London - 7 Rue Paul Riquet (Th' Mole, Khod Breaker, Franco Mannara, possibly DJ 0.000001)
More details TBA at

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Cocoon..

So, I am part of this music/art collective called New Cocoon. I executive produced and mastered this free compilation that we just put out. Below is the press release for it..

New Cocoon:

From Hawaii to the UK, New Cocoon is a vast and growing network of producers, vocalists, instrumentalists, visual artists, web designers and more. Founded by the alien-tongued MC Wormhole and producer Slew in 2005-2006, the loosely organized collective has gradually gained mass, weaving its web across many planes, expanding its expertise to include a large variety of styles and flavors. While the group's focus has remained grounded in hip hop, the future incarnations of New Cocoon are undefined and boundless. Stay tuned...

Migrant Larvae:

The eleven vocal tracks and single instrumental that make up Migrant Larvae run the gamut from molasses slow to lightning fast, with a freaky cast of characters guiding the listener down a dark and weird, winding path. At one turn you're in a fiery pit with Wormhole's rapidfire ranting over Wydow's menacing dubstep beat, and at the next you're on a psychedelic boat ride with the Slew & Brandon Logic's instrumental offering. As varied as it is, each track on the compilation stands on its own, and the album as a whole retains a common thread, with all of its contributors adding to the strange new sound that can only be described as New Cocoon.

Artist: V/A (New Cocoon)
Album: Migrant Larvae
Format: Digital/Free
Release date: February 22, 2011

Track list:
1. Milo & Marxman - Moneed - prod. Wydow
2. Staplemouth & Noah23 - Micron Helium Balloons - prod. Omid
3. Myn Dwun & Strange Powers - Lock Of Love - prod. Know (No) Good
4. Hobs Sputnik - Sky Falls (Th' Mole Remix) [prod. Th' Mole]
5. Wormhole - Intangible chains - prod.Wydow
6. Slew & Brandon Logic - Waldo Conundrum - prod. Slew & Brandon Logic
7. Nothing By No One - Imprint - prod. Nehoc
8. Tank - Journey2Nebular - prod. The Chukchee
9. Kalipso - Solution - prod. Kuzko
10. A. Hymnz & Variex - With Or Without You - prod. A. Hymnz & Variex
11. Mazaloth [Lxor & Wormhole] - Iron - prod. Lxor
12. Th' Mole - Pieces - prod. The Chukchee
13. ____


Saturday, February 19, 2011


you might not want your little kids to see this.

DJ 0.000001 - HOLY FUCKING SHIT Pt 2 by magicalbass

Monday, February 7, 2011

Hairdresser Mike!

I was just re-listening to this old album.  I sort of executive-produced this (dug it out of the guy's computer, mastered it, and released it on my label, Motion Recordings) back in 2003.  I think it's a great listen..  a trip inside the mind of a modern day legend, maniac, saint, addict, accidental poet extraordinaire.  The music itself sounds drunk.  Hairdresser Mike lives to this day, doing what he does best, cutting hair and getting in trouble in Hawaii.  Anyway, I uploaded the album - please enjoy:

Saturday, February 5, 2011

DJ 0.000001 presents "HOLY FUCKING SHIT"

DL this video and two versions of the soundtrack 4 free @