Wednesday, October 20, 2010

DJ 0.000001 from beyond the grave...

While we're busy readying the new 100-minute long episode of Magical Bass, w/ your new host, me - Th' Mole, here's something to tide you over.  I know you all simply can't function without your regular dose of Magical Bass.  I found this track in DJ 0.000001's laptop.  Apparently he decided this wasn't worth releasing, but I figure he can't be too embarrassed of it, since he's dead and all.  RIP.

DJ 0.000001 - Andy Daly Vs. Rappy McRapperson by magicalbass

This track features music by Rappy McRapperson, overlaid with a comedy routine by Andrew Daly, who also plays Terrence Cutler on Eastbound & Down - a hilarious show that I recommend to all.

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