Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Cocoon..

So, I am part of this music/art collective called New Cocoon. I executive produced and mastered this free compilation that we just put out. Below is the press release for it..

New Cocoon:

From Hawaii to the UK, New Cocoon is a vast and growing network of producers, vocalists, instrumentalists, visual artists, web designers and more. Founded by the alien-tongued MC Wormhole and producer Slew in 2005-2006, the loosely organized collective has gradually gained mass, weaving its web across many planes, expanding its expertise to include a large variety of styles and flavors. While the group's focus has remained grounded in hip hop, the future incarnations of New Cocoon are undefined and boundless. Stay tuned...

Migrant Larvae:

The eleven vocal tracks and single instrumental that make up Migrant Larvae run the gamut from molasses slow to lightning fast, with a freaky cast of characters guiding the listener down a dark and weird, winding path. At one turn you're in a fiery pit with Wormhole's rapidfire ranting over Wydow's menacing dubstep beat, and at the next you're on a psychedelic boat ride with the Slew & Brandon Logic's instrumental offering. As varied as it is, each track on the compilation stands on its own, and the album as a whole retains a common thread, with all of its contributors adding to the strange new sound that can only be described as New Cocoon.

Artist: V/A (New Cocoon)
Album: Migrant Larvae
Format: Digital/Free
Release date: February 22, 2011

Track list:
1. Milo & Marxman - Moneed - prod. Wydow
2. Staplemouth & Noah23 - Micron Helium Balloons - prod. Omid
3. Myn Dwun & Strange Powers - Lock Of Love - prod. Know (No) Good
4. Hobs Sputnik - Sky Falls (Th' Mole Remix) [prod. Th' Mole]
5. Wormhole - Intangible chains - prod.Wydow
6. Slew & Brandon Logic - Waldo Conundrum - prod. Slew & Brandon Logic
7. Nothing By No One - Imprint - prod. Nehoc
8. Tank - Journey2Nebular - prod. The Chukchee
9. Kalipso - Solution - prod. Kuzko
10. A. Hymnz & Variex - With Or Without You - prod. A. Hymnz & Variex
11. Mazaloth [Lxor & Wormhole] - Iron - prod. Lxor
12. Th' Mole - Pieces - prod. The Chukchee
13. ____


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