Monday, September 20, 2010

new old stuff

so i created this blog to sort of document things, particularly the magical bass shows. so far i've posted links to magical bass episodes #6 and 7, but here's 1-5:

Episode #1:
Episode #2:

here's da cover art for episode 4, which never was released cause dan @ brooklyn radio said it was too cute or something:
"cute" my behind - those 'munks are gangsters.

i also usually release a version of the radio show without my voice, cause who wants to hear my stupid announcements more than once? here is the announcement-free versions of
episode #4: Magical Bass - Episode #4 - Sans Voiceover
episode #3:  Magical Bass - Episode #3
the other voiceover-free episodes are not online at the moment but if you email me at jonah.thmole{at} i might make them available to you in return for some MONEY! <3

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