Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mutamigradaptation 2010 (FREE ALBUM!)

Hectic Recs has re-released my exquisite 2006 album, Mutamigradaptation, including a brand new track list!  This version includes the rarely heard gems "Suicide City" and "We Control Everything (Original Version)" as well as favorites such as "Not Too Punk (Mochi Mix)" and "Mutate Or Die".  

I recorded most of this while living in New Orleans, and I think you can hear the darkness in the music.  It's quite a bit more serious than some of my more recent stuff, but I think it's good.  What do you think??  

Download it for free at http://hecticrecs.bandcamp.com 

actually that's a lie about recording most of this in new orleans.  i remember now, i recorded most of it in oakland where i lived in a tiny room with no windows underneath a staircase in a warehouse with no heat.  my bed was directly below a toilet, the details of which could be heard shockingly clearly.  it was very romantic the few times that i had a woman there.  anyway, maybe that's where the darkness came from. :)

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