Tuesday, November 23, 2010


One day Th' Mole was sending some instrumental songs to a record label called New Cocoon. While trying to choose song titles, he hit upon a silly idea: the songs would be titled as if they were part of a film score - a film that didn't exist.

But once the songs were titled, Th' Mole decided to write a short film script to accompany the score. Three or four minutes later, Bucky Jojo had been written.

However, still not content to rest on his laurels (his laurels being sharp and uncomfortable to rest upon anyway), Th' Mole went ahead and filmed the movie.

Once the 3.5 minute-long epic had been edited, Th' Mole was able to sit back and look over his glorious creation, and then he decided that the original songs which had inspired the project were simply not up to snuff. So he went back and remixed/edited them into pure gold.

And now... you get to experience the Bucky Jojo sight and sound extravaganza, for free!  (Or you can not be a selfish jerk and donate some money.)  :)   Go download the whole package at http://newcocoon.com or http://thmole.bandcamp.com today!

Track list:
01. Main Title/Bucky Jojo Theme
02. Enchanted Mirror Theme
03. Demon Fight Theme
04. Wounded But Victorious Walk Home Theme

Bonus items:
* Bucky Jojo - the movie
* Bucky Jojo - the preview
* Bucky Jojo - the script
* Bucky Jojo - the cast photo

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