Sunday, November 28, 2010

blind text date

blind text date from

You: dr. jacques mcdoogle
You: is it you?
Stranger: How did you know?
Stranger: How did you find me? >_>
You: well of course we had planned for this rendesvous... i fed you the forgetting serum for yer protection of course...
Stranger: Of course.
You: it's all been handled by the company
Stranger: You know I hate when you go along with plans without my permission, squire.
You: you agreed my dear amnesiac... before you drank the forgetting juice
You: anyway,,,,,, let's talk bisness
Stranger: Fine, let's.
You: tell me about the miniatures
Stranger: The miniatures, why yes... At present, they are still in the works. I know I promised to meet the deadline but...
You: i need at least 100 by monday
Stranger: 100? Why.. sir...
You: for the brigade.. we're invading
Stranger: *sigh* I'll see what we can do.
You: the goddamn leps are gonna get what they have coming to them
Stranger: At long last, they will.
You: you realize of course that we can't properly launch a full-forced terror strike on the leprachauns unless we have miniaturized soldiers capable of not only pillaging but raping
Stranger: I do and they are fully prepared
Stranger: Now, about my ahem, payment...
You: of course you know that your payment depends upon the success of our mission... the lep gold you see
You: so make those fuckers strong
Stranger: Hm.. But you must see the cost of making those damned creatures in the lab, it is much too high
Stranger: I cannot foot the bill alone
You: you aren't dr. mcdoogle are you!!!!????
Stranger: Why would you say that?!
You: you double-crossing backstabbing hellfuck shitneck. i would recognize that texting anywhere,..
You: you're my old nemesis of course
You: right?!
You: jiminny fuckyfuck?!
Stranger: You foolish fool! Of course I am the one and only Captain JFF!
Stranger: Leader of the Lep Army!
Stranger: Now I know of your "secret" attack on my people!
You: holy holy shit
You: holy, motherfuckin
You: shit
Stranger: You dun goof'd this time!
You: mark my words. i will barbeque you and eat you in a hot dog bun, captain.
Stranger: MWAHAHAHAHAHA don't count it!
Stranger: I will ruin your plans just as I always do!
Stranger: And, for the record, I taste MUCH better sauteed!
You: goodbye you evil little prick. see you on the killing fields!

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