Thursday, November 11, 2010

Th' Mole: Superman Vs. Gremlins (album + videos) - Listen/Buy

Superman Vs. Gremlins, the latest offering from futuristic mutant rapper Th' Mole, is a freaky collection of new songs, remixes and videos, including guests Graz, Demune, Vankmen, Oskar Ohslon, Warrior Queen, Playpad Circus and more.

The album title comes from Th' Mole's life-long obsessions with Superman and the movie Gremlins. While the videos revisit some of his childhood writing and drawings, the album as a whole is a testament to the shameless and unadulturated nature of childlike creativity and entertainment. Indeed, the music runs the gamut from psychedelic-country-electro-rap to a'capella chanting, without any apparent regard for retaining a certain sound throughout. Additionally, Th' Mole introduces us to "frankenremixes" which are essentially single songs stitched together from multiple remixes of that song. However unconventional it may be though, Superman Vs. Gremlins remains thoroughly accessible and engaging, and is certain to please all lovers of finely-crafted and unique music.

Track list:
1. Black Helly (Cartoon Monster & Oskar Ohslon Frankenremix)
2. How 2 B Cool (Threepeeoh & Playpad Circus Frankenremix)
3. Jump Jack ft. Warrior Queen (Frankenremix A - Barely Legal)
4. Jump Jack ft. Warrior Queen (Frankenremix B - Gurp)
5. Tick Tick Blam (Graz & Vankmen Frankenremix)
6. Cha Cha Cha ft. Demune (Ease & 486Kid Frankenremix)
7. Th' Picture
8. A Meticulous Fondle (Extended Remix)

Video list:
1. Goofy Vs. Gremlins
2. Superman Vs. Gremlins
3. Superman Vs. Gremlins II: Electric Slime

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  1. Hey it's threepeeoh. you finally used the remix.....kinda...haha
    I like it!