Saturday, August 14, 2010

Circa 2000, Th' Mole Jr!

do you want to hear what my music sounded like 10 years ago? of course you do! well i just listened to these songs (from the debut Mole album, Communion) last night and i think they're sort of entertaining at least. see what you think. anyway they're free so don't complain! DOWNLOAD HERE:"

tracklist and descriptions:
1. John Ratliff (MSP)
this is a really cool song, i think, cause i didn't write it. i abridged these lyrics from a photocopied sheet of paper which was placed under our doorway when i lived in san francisco. i just barely saw the dude put it there and run off. i think it's a pretty awesome piece of writing - hopefully i have the original somewhere... well actually i just looked for it and didn't find it, but i did find the original cover art for this cd, which i will scan and upload now...

the photos in the cover are supposed to tell a little story... i'm standing there like a retard, minding my own business, and then this dude comes up and attacks me, but i miraculously manage to wound my adversary and escape! (taken from a friend's photo essay project for school.)

2. beans ft. s. winter fifield.
this song is about the idea that nature may contain magical secrets which can be discovered given the right combination of elements. vocals by me and sage fifield (aka s. winter fifield) i like the grocery store skit in the middle of the song.
3. sorry, little guy
kinda sad song - this pretty much sums up my view of the world when i'm in a bad mood.
4. the pot chronicles, chapter 1
self-explanatory song. still haven't made chapter 2...
5. experience (a sight-seer's folly)
weird song... i originally recorded this song as a made-up persona - some guy who lives in the forest, burrowing like an animal, freaking out at some humans who have had the misfortune of treading on his property. the original recording was meant to sound like it was made on a moldy tape recorder with all the music being made by broken instruments and stuff found in dumpsters. i guess that's lost now. the production in this later version sounds like i was heavily influenced by aphex twin and tricky i would say. why am i telling you this? why are you reading this? get a freaking life man! anyway, i used to like to perform this song live and freak out the audience by getting up in their faces and yelling the words. good fun!
6. the bucket, pt. 1 ft. s. winter fifield
this song was originally a 2-part song - the first part being a glass-is-half-empty sort of theme and the second being the opposite. in retrospect, i like part 1 better, and i think it stands on its own. s winter fifield's lyrics tell the story of a man who fakes his death in order to profit, but when his wife finds out the truth she kills him for reals.
7. the hitcher
this has very corny lyrics, vocals and music - but maybe you will get some enjoyment from it anyway.
8. access code: child's trust
mole trivia: i later re-used the title of this song in my song "technobotany". i don't know what the heck this song is really saying - they lyrics are kind of hard for me to figure out at this point, but at the time i remember thinking it was a very deep song. it sounds like i was doing a lot of plagiarizing from a dictionary for this.


  1. thanks jonah!!! im really digging this stuff right now, thanks alot for posting it. pot chronicles is fucking rad. this caleb from oregon btw