Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Poll: should i quit this blog?

i really feel like people don't care about this blog and i think i should probably just quit it. i've put a lot of energy into it but i don't feel like it's being reciprocated. so i'm taking a poll. who thinks that i should quit the blog? and who thinks that i should continue it?

yes, i know i've only been operating this blog for about half an hour now, but time is relative, and time is expanding, and technology is growing at an exponential rate, so i can't afford to wait around for you idiots to figure out that this is the only blog you need to ever read ever again in your life. when it comes down to it, i have very little hope in the human race, i doubt that even a fraction of you idiots can truly appreciate the magicality of my bass. to be honest, i simply hate everyone, so fuck you all. i actually don't need to take a poll. i quit this blog, for once and for all. goodbye, losers.


  1. Rehab is for quitters don't quit mane!

  2. Pussy!! Where can i purchase the original of 'I love Unicorns'?? the blog is fuckn sick!

  3. that's "mister pussy" to you. gonna put out the original w/ a full-length album, coming soonish. also the i luv unicorns maxi-single is coming soonerish.