Tuesday, August 10, 2010

this is my blog!

yeehawwwwww!!!! welcome to the magical bass blog, where i post all sorts of things that you need to look at. it's fun, it's awesome, it's what you've been missing. subscribe today - tell your friends, your neighbors, your parents. even your estranged spouse. it could be a good ice breaker. say for example "hey madeline, i know it's been a few years since i left with our mobile home while you and the kids were in the hospital with malaria.. but have you checked out magical bass - i think you would dig it!" works like a charm every time.

but seriously, no more joking. this blog is going to be professional and serious and all-around top-notch! All perfect spelling, grammer and pronunkiation will be produceD. also, celebrities will be featured. also, you will receive bonus points for reading this. and better eyesight, resistance to bee stings, and growth in finger.

to celebrate the very first post on magical bass, i present to you this very special presentation=

my "text-image" of abraham lincoln, done on august 9, 2010.

a k
1 ____ 1


  1. btw, this blog totally changed my font.. the picture of lincoln was way more lifelike before.. you still get the idea, i guess. but if you really want to see it in it's full glory i suggest you copy/paste and view it in bold helvetica. turn the font size up to the max on that baby. also try smoking a joint and then check it out - it's totally trippy! peace, bros!

  2. how come no one is commenting? i'll fucking quit this blog and then what will you do huh? you just want to read it and not leave a comment? well how about i'll just quit writing and you can go get a life instead of reading my life, my soul, my everything, displayed out in the open for you to gawk at like i'm some sort of circus freak?! you greedily consume, never giving back, like leeches, hungry for blood. well fuck you, fuck anyone who reads this and everyone who never will! i quit this blog!

  3. okay, i'll give you guys another chance. i'm sorry for calling you names. let's just start over from scratch, okay? i apologize. hahahaha. i was just joking - i guess it sounded serious. ha! whew... that's silly.. FUCKING COMMENT!