Tuesday, August 31, 2010

u so missed out

it's 7pm on monday. the last couple guests from my house party, which began friday evening, just left. it was so cool. the purpose of this blog is just to make everybody who flaked and didn't come feel stupid.

we had:

-tang li wheebs
-heartworm (incl. a set w/ dj 0.000001)
-heath (incl. music for the dating game and musical chairs)
-666gangstaz/dj crackhouse (incl. a jungle/forest ambience set w/ dj 0.000001)
-the 486 kid
-dungeon master's guide to the mighty labyrinth quest (awesome interactive show in which the audience makes choices, rolls a giant 20-sided die, and basically plays d&d while don plays guitar and sings about your battles against orcs and such. hilarious.)
a baby race. there is video of it.

the dating game... a recreation of the tv gameshow, starring jeff/fishstix as featured bachelor, and alea angelique as featured bachelorette. the male contestants were sean logan, carter & spiro. female contestants: donna wood, gayatri, qriosity, dj: heath. some video of that..

"ask a cripple" q&a ft. heartworm
paper hat making workshop
paper hat fashion show
musical chairs ft. heath
paper airplane workshop
sock puppet workshop
sock puppet (MIDI) karaoke
make-a-mutant workshop
"decorate the dude" group art project
Manga and Zuchini
stencil/patch-making station
"make yer own tv show" group art project
super good food from marin n qriosity
barbecue by fishstix
pancakes by sugarbunni
blackberry picking
blackberry pie by adriana and (cami?)
sauerkraut by elizabeth
produce from trinity's garden
comedy video showcase
camping in pristine nature

and it was free -eff burning man - my party is bester!

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