Thursday, August 12, 2010

what should i blog about?

maybe this blog was a bad idea... i don't know what to blog about anymore.. what do you want to see on this blog?

finger monkeys?

i wish we could have finger monkeys where i live. can't we import some and just let em free in the woods? they're awesome. maybe the winters here would be sort of harsh for them, but we could just give them little snow suits and cross-country skis - that would be super cute! FINGER MONKEYS FOR AMERICA!!

i want to see youtube videos of finger monkeys - let me see if i can find some..

wait a minute here... why are there no videos of finger monkeys? do they even exist? are all these finger monkey photos just photoshopped? WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?

this is sad... i think i may have been misled about the existence of finger monkeys... cause it appears that this monkey is in fact the smallest monkey..

but it's not even that small - it's probably not even adult. what the heck, man? i had high hopes to someday have my own finger monkey. actually i had an idea for a sweet reality show called finger monkey island - it would have been awesome. fuck!

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